Columbus Public Schools
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District Bus Routes

Welcome to the Columbus Bus Route Information Page!

This page will help you determine if a designated school bus route is located near your residency.  Please use the interactive app link to help you with your investigations by following the directions below the link. You may also view the district bus routes maps that are included on this page.  If you have questions regarding school provided transportation or concerns, please  contact Al Sipes, Transportation Director @ 321-0311 or contact Jeff Bermes, District Superintendent at 322-5373 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • More data will display as you zoom into the map
  • You can turn layers on and off by selecting the “Layers” tab on the left sidebar and clicking the “eye” icon – there are several layers that are turned off by default
  • You can get information from the map by clicking on the symbol/bus route/parcel/etc. – the information will display in the left sidebar
  • You can change the basemap data by selecting the “Basemap Gallery” on the left sidebar – this will let you select imagery, topography, navigation, etc. depending on your needs
  • You can search for an address, place or road using the search tool in the top left
  • You can print to PDF by clicking the PDF icon in the top right – it will print what is currently displayed on your screen - we recommend unchecking the legend option before exporting.